Dental Technology

Modern equipment and techniques have revolutionized the field of dentistry. Dr. MeLinda Garcia has implemented technology throughout her own state-of-the-art facility.

Digital Dental X-Rays
Dental radiographs (x-rays) are essential, preventative, diagnostic tools that provide valuable information not visible during a regular dental exam. Dentists and dental hygienists use this information to safely and accurately detect hidden dental abnormalities and complete an accurate treatment plan. Without x-rays, problem areas may go undetected.

Dental X-Rays May Reveal:
Problems inside a tooth or below the gum line
Bone loss
Decay between the teeth
Abscesses or cysts
Cancerous and non-cancerous tumors
Developmental abnormalities
Poor tooth and root positions

Detecting and treating dental problems at an early stage can save you time, money, unnecessary discomfort, and your teeth!

How often should dental x-rays be taken?
The need for dental x-rays depends on each patient’s individual dental health needs. Dr. Garcia will recommend necessary x-rays based on your medical and dental history, dental exam, signs and symptoms, age consideration, and risk for disease.

A full mouth series of dental x-rays is recommended for new patients. A full series is usually good for three to five years. Bite-wing x-rays (x-rays of top and bottom teeth biting together) are taken at hygiene (check-up) visits and are recommended once or twice a year to detect new dental problems.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?
We are all exposed to natural radiation in our environment. The amount of radiation exposure from a full mouth series of x-rays is equal to the amount a person receives in a single day from natural sources.

Dental x-rays produce a low level of radiation and are considered safe. Dentists take necessary precautions to limit the patient’s exposure to radiation when taking dental x-rays. These precautions include using lead apron shields to protect the body and using modern, fast film that cuts down the exposure time of each x-ray.

Orthophos SL 3
Orthophos SL shows 3D x-ray imaging displays in perfect image quality which enables clear navigation and diagnosis. It combines X-ray imaging, visualization, diagnosis, planning and surgical guide implementation into one integrated and time-saving process. One 14 second scan will result in 200 individual exposures that show a patient’s teeth, bone structure and anatomical features.

The 3D x-ray imaging provides diagnostically significant findings for all dental indications allowing less waiting time, quicker treatment and treatment security.

Lowest radiation possible
Easy and short process taking less than 14 sec of scan time
Immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit
Leads to safer and less surgical time
Allows easy treatment coordination with other members of the dental team
Fast diagnosis provides certainty in treatment, reducing follow-up examinations


CEREC Crowns in Just One Visit
CEREC by Sirona Dental Systems will fabricate all ceramic dental restorations in one office visit. With CEREC at your dentist’s side, you can be in and out in a single visit with a permanent, all ceramic restoration! For the patient, this means fewer injections, less drilling and less time out of your schedule for dental care.

Single Appointment Dental Care
Most tooth restorative methods require more than one visit to the dentist. This means that on the first visit, you get an injection of anesthesia, your tooth prepared, an impression taken, and a temporary restoration put on your tooth. You make a second appointment for a couple of weeks later, and get an injection, have the temporary removed and have a permanent restoration put on. Why go to the dentist a second time when you don’t have to? With CEREC, the procedure is done in a single appointment, start to finish.

Finest Dental Materials
A CEREC tooth restoration isn’t just convenient, it is also healthy. Many years ago, dentists had few options to repair decayed and damaged teeth other than amalgam, gold, and other metals. With CEREC, your dentist can use strong, tooth colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function. These materials closely match the composition of natural tooth structure. This means when you eat hot food and then drink something cold, the restoration and tooth expand and contract at almost equal rates. So, your tooth does not crack, and you can go on enjoying your evening. Also, the materials are chemically bonded to your tooth, so your dentist can save as much healthy tooth tissue as possible while providing you with a dental restoration that strengthens your tooth.

Smile Enhancement
Your dentist can use CEREC for more than just crowns and fillings. CEREC is capable of producing any single tooth restoration. Chipped or discolored front teeth can be repaired with beautiful CEREC porcelain crowns or veneers. Your smile makes a lasting first impression.

Worldwide, a CEREC restoration is placed every 20 seconds. With a history of nearly 20 years, this equipment has helped dentists place over 6 million restorations. Using metal free materials that are the closest to your natural enamel, CEREC gives you the highest quality restorative care. Ask your dentist today about single visit CEREC restorative care!

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a small camera that can take photos of your teeth. Dr Garcia is able to show you what your teeth look like; point out areas of concern and monitor for changes in your mouth.

A Relaxing Dental Experience

We treat each patient as more than a patient; each patient is our guest. We provide many dental and spa amenities. Our guests are given the most up to date technologies in a relaxing environment. We create a relaxing dental experience rather than a typical dental visit!